Magictap is an interactive marketing agency; whose focus is on creating interactive innovative experiences which engages brands and its consumer.

Digital Brand Activation

The thing in common that works wonders for our client: People and their experiences. When we develop any solution, we let the brand speak to their consumer, to physically interact with them, to show them that brands do care for them. MagicTap Solutions creates just that magic between you and your consumer because we know what we are best at.

Memories stay, that’s why we create eccentric experiences for you to live them forever.

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Mobile Marketing

Magictap is the Global Leader in the performance-based mobile advertising space. We target right audience, maximize ROI and help app marketers track the right metrics. With its proprietary performance-based mobile advertising platform, Magictap has helped several world-class brands across sectors to break through the clutter, acquire new customers and improve their Cost per Install (CPI) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

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