MagicTap enables physical objects to be interactive with your smartphone. People can then tap their smartphone on the object and instantly get content straight to their phone. For example, MagicTap enables outdoor advertising, shelves in retail, lanyards, windows, business cards, product packaging, bus and train seats, tabletops, posters, coasters — anything really. The content can be information, a movie trailer, a map, a coupon — basically any type of digital rich content available on the mobile phone or they can tap and be taken to a payment page to buy goods or services. MagicTap uses Near Field Communication (NFC) chips in and on objects which communicate with MagicTap cloud ecosystem. No application needs to be downloaded by the consumer, straight out of the box they can use MagicTap.

Digital Marketing Solutions

Increasing Social Engagement

Magictap Solutions helps your business to increase social engagement with the smart posters with which your customer able to checkin,like,tweet automatically on facebook.

Mobile App Promotions

Suppose you are a major e-commerce player.You want your customers to download your mobile app.But the pain point is people find it very cumbersome to go to playstore and search the app.We can avoid visiting the playstore because a tap from smart phone to the Smart Posters will do it all. It would increase your number of app Download Exponentially.

Smart Digital Restaurants

We have a unique and smart way to order food in a Restaurant. We provide smart(Digital) Menu to place the order and Pay from your phone.


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