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Mifare Card

The MIFARE Classic family covers contactless smart card ICs used in public transport, access management, loyalty cards and many more. Fully compliant with ISO/IEC 14443 Type A, it is available with 1 KB and 4 KB memory, and 7 byte or 4 byte identifiers.

Key features and benefits
Fully ISO/IEC 14443Type A 1-3 compliant, ensuring a broad marketplace of solution developers and providers
Available with 7 byte unique identifier (7B UID) or 4 byte non-unique identifier (4B NUID)
Versatile product portfolio, offering an optimized price-performance ratio
Reduced infrastructure costs due to card and reader compatibility across all generations
Memory access conditions freely programmable
Many companies with commercial products, enabling a broad and competitive supply chain
Personalization options supporting flexibility within 4 byte- and 7 byte UID infrastructure (7B UID version only)
Fast time-to-market

Key applications
Public transportation
Electronic toll collection
Loyalty cards
Event ticketing
Car parking

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